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OptiSeq™ Pan-Cancer Panel

Sample to clinical report within 10 days, performed in a CLIA certified laboratory

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QClamp® KRAS Codon Specific Mutation Test (CE/IVD)

Ultra-Sensitive on Liquid Biopsy & FFPE, powered by XNA Technology

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Redefining Precision Molecular Diagnostics

DiaCarta is a translational genomics and personalized diagnostics company that provides ultra-sensitive detection tools for cancer diagnosis, therapy identification and prognosis monitoring. Our mission is to provide ultra-sensitive and advanced technologies that will redefine the way molecular diagnostics and translational genomics impact healthcare treatment plans and the well-being of individuals around the world.

DiaCarta Proprietary Technologies and Products

Highly Sensitive

Less than 0.01% sensitivity on difficult or diminished samples

Rapid Results for Faster Diagnosis

First-time results on any sample size in less than two hours

Superior Compatibility

The first and only
platform-agnostic technology

Highest-Quality Certifications

GMP-compliant facility with CA CLIA certification