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Designed for DNA extraction and preservation

DNA Sample Card

DiaCarta’s DNA sample card is designed for DNA extraction and preservation on saliva, blood (serum, whole blood), urine, feces, amniotic fluid, cervical fluid, tumor cells, plant leave marks and tissue homogenate. The card is ready to use and provide a simple way of DNA sample collection and identification. Shipment and storage can be handled at room temperature (no dry ice shipping or cold storage). Once collected, the DNA is stable, re-testable and archivable.

DNA sample card

Ordering information

Product Name Catalog # (RUO)Catalog # (CE/IVD)
DNA Sample Card (20 pieces)DC-40-0020RN/A
DNA Sample Card (100 pieces)DC-40-0100RN/A

Note: RUO (Research Use Only) products are not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Features and benefits


Designed for many sample types: blood, tissue, urine, stool, saliva, cervical fluid and more


Suitable for liquid biopsy, FFPE tissue and more


Cards are ready-to-use and require only deionized water and simple equipment for operations


DNA is stable, re-testable and archivable for two years once collected