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Ultra-Sensitive on Liquid Biopsy & FFPE

QClamp® KRAS Mutation Test

Stay in control of your patient’s KRAS mutational status with confidence throughout their treatment period. The QClamp® KRAS Codon Specific Mutation Test in Codons 12, 13, 59, 61, 117, & 146 is an in vitro diagnostic real-time qualitative PCR assay for the detection of somatic mutations in and near Codons 12 and 13 in Exon 2, Codons 59 and 61 in Exon 3, and Codons 117 and 146 in Exon 4 in the human KRAS gene, using purified DNA extracted from FFPE (formalin fixed paraffin embedded), plasma, cells or tissue. The kit identifies the presence or absence of mutations in the targeted regions but does not specify the exact nature of the mutation.


• Sample Ready: Suitable for plasma and FFPE samples
• Ultra-Sensitive: Detects reliably below 1% mutant DNA by real-time PCR
• Rapid: Streamlined workflow with less than 4 hours turnaround time
• Versatile: Works with most PCR machines
• Reproducible: Robust XNA-PCR technology minimizing variability

List of mutations and cosmic identities found in KRAS

Exon Amino Acid Change Nucleotide change Cosmic No.
2 G12>A c.35G>C 522
G12>R  c.34G>C 518
G12>D  c.35G>A 521
G12>C  c.34G>T 516
 G12>S  c.34G>A 517
G12>V  c.35G>T 520
G13>D c.38G>A 532
G13>C  c.37G>T 527
G13>R  c.37G>C 529
3 A59>T  c.175G>A  546
Q61>H  c.183A>C & c.183A>T 554/555
Q61>K  c.181C>A 549
Q61>L  c.182A>T 553
Q61>R  c.182A>G 552
4 K117>E c.349A>G  1360831
K117>N  c.351A>C & c.351A>T  19940/28519
K117>R 350A>G
A146>A  c.438A>G 1360826
A146>G  c.437C>G  1360829
A146>P  436G>C 19905
A146>T  436G>A 19404
A146>V  437C>T>C  19900

Product specifications

Specification QClamp® KRAS Codon Specific Mutation Test
Intended UseFor In Vitro Diagnostic Use (CE/IVD) or For Research Use
Sample TypePlasma, FFPE, Cells or Tissues
Pack Size10 Samples, 30 Samples and 60 Samples
Validated InstrumentsRoche LC 96, LC 480 II, Bio-Rad CFX384 and ABI QuantStudio 5
Detection ChannelFAM; HEX
Turnaround TimeLess than 4 hours
StabilityStable for 12 months at -25 ℃ to -15 ℃

Ordering information

Product DescriptionPack SizeCatalog # (RUO)Catalog # (CE/IVD)
QClamp® KRAS Mutation Detection Test (Codons 12, 13, 59, 61, 117 and 146)10 Samples DC-10-2010R DC-10-2010
30 Samples DC-10-3010R DC-10-3010
60 Samples DC-10-4010RDC-10-4010

Note: RUO (Research Use Only) products are not for use in diagnostic procedures. CE/IVD products are intended for use in diagnostic procedures.