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End-to-end solution for your tissue and liquid biopsy samples

Next-Gen Sequencing Service

DiaCarta’s Next-Gen Sequencing service is an end to end solution for your tissue and liquid biopsy samples. With a streamlined workflow and dedicated in-house team, we offer quick turnaround time from sample to result.


Standard or Customized Workflows
• Expertise in sample extraction, prep and QC
• Reliable Services
• Rapid Turn-around Time

Services overview

Sample & Library Preparation
• DNA/RNA extraction and library construction
• High-quality sequencing libraries for all types of samples including FFPE tissues and ctDNA in liquid biopsies
• Constructed libraries are compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms
• All libraries are verified for quality and yield

Next Generation Sequencing
• Whole genome sequencing                                   • ChlP sequencing
• Exome sequencing                                                 • Amplicon sequencing
• mRNA sequencing                                                  • 16S metagenomics sequencing
• Small RNA (miRNA, shRNA) sequencing               • Disease panel sequencing

Genome Annotation
• Rapid pipeline
• Customizable data delivery
• Export support

Note: Our scalable annotation pipeline can deliver annotated data rapidly. We use sophisticated algorithms to annotate any type of genome.

Bioinformatics Support
• Dedicated bioinformatics team
• Cost effective with quick delivery of data
• Flexible analysis format

Note: Our expert bioinformatics support accomplishes any analysis types. We work with you to ensure you are getting the right analysis while keeping your data secure.


Next-Gen Sequencing Service Applications
Variant (SNP & Indel) DiscoveryStructural Variation DiscoveryExome Sequencing Analysis
Differential Gene Expression AnalysisPeak Analysis (ChlP-Seq)Small & miRNA Sequencing Analysis
Novel Isoform (Alternative & Splicing) IdentificationDe Nova Genome & Transcriptome AssemblyGap-Closure Analysis (Genome Finishing)
16S rRNA Metagenomics AnalysisWhole Genome Metagenomics Analysis