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DiaCarta technologies deliver faster, more sensitive results for diagnostic and molecular genetic testing

SuperbDNA™ Next Generation bDNA Signal Amplification

SuperbDNA™ is a total solution technology that includes kits, reagents, and an ELISA-like format (Luminometer), all developed under the GMP quality management system for DNA or RNA detections of cancer biomarkers, bacteria, fungi and viruses. DiaCarta’s SuperbDNA™ technology offers sensitivity for over 4,000 genes.

How it works

Branched DNA (bDNA) technology is a widely used clinical platform to quantitatively detect specific nucleic acid sequences directly from the source without DNA/RNA purification or RT-PCR. bDNA quantitative hybridization technology has a wide dynamic range and is sensitive enough for applications intended to reliably detect very few target molecules. bDNA technology has several advantages over PCR technology and is commonly used for applications requiring a high degree of specificity and sensitivity. Because the basic method is not dependent on reverse transcription and geometric amplification of the target, bDNA assays are consequently not susceptible to contamination risks associated with most PCR-based assays. Furthermore, sensitivity, linearity accuracy and precision, and therefore reliability, of bDNA assays is superior to PCR assays making bDNA the ideal platform for companion diagnostic development of mRNA and microRNA biomarkers as well as DNA copy number variations and DNA polymorphisms.