DiaCarta is Changing the Landscape of Precision Molecular Diagnostics  

DiaCarta, a translational genomics and precision molecular diagnostics company, was established in 2011 to provide highly sensitive and advanced technologies that will improve the way molecular diagnostics and translational genomics impact healthcare treatment plans and the well-being of individuals around the world. With over 80 global patents, DiaCarta offers a range of products and services, from single-gene cancer mutation detection qPCR assayscolorectal cancer mutation detection panels, radiation therapy toxicity monitoring cfDNA test to its targeted NGS panels.

With over 14,600 square feet dedicated to a GMP-compliant lab space as well as CLIA and ISO 13485 certifications, a clinical laboratory facility in Nanjing, and offices in Shanghai, China. DiaCarta is well-equipped to serve clinical laboratories around the world. DiaCarta’s Clinical Service Lab at Nanjing, China is the world’s largest sequencing center housing several sophisticated sequencing instruments. The company is currently involved in the “One-Million Genome Project”, with plans to conduct Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) on one million Chinese individuals. 



We are committed to designing and manufacturing products with the good of the patient in mind. We will continuously improve our quality management systems, comply with all applicable regulatory requirements, and build customer confidence by delivering excellent products and services.

DiaCarta is an ISO 13485:2016 compliant organization.


Aiguo Zhang, Ph.D.
President and CEO, Founder
Aiguo Zhang, Ph.D.

President and CEO, Founder

Dr. Zhang is an active entrepreneur and executive in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries with extensive experience ranging from startups to major corporations, including GainPep, Kodia, Panomics, Affymetrix and Bio-Rad. Dr. Zhang brings knowledge and an extensive network in Asia and Emerging Markets to his role at DiaCarta. His substantial experience in R&D management and capability building in Asia and Emerging Markets has a project scope ranging from discovery research to sales and marketing in both US and international markets. He received his Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University in molecular toxicology and pharmacology, was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Massachusetts, and served as an assistant professor of research at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Zhang has published many research papers in leading scientific journals. His inventions are the subject of many patents and patent-pending applications.

Michael J. Powell, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
Michael J. Powell, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Mike Powell is a highly recognized scientific and business leader with more than 25 year’s experience in R&D, technology, and business and corporate development. Mike brings extensive knowledge and experience to DiaCarta in the fields of molecular diagnostic assay research and development, qPCR and other nucleic acid amplification technologies, and automated instrumentation platforms.
Mike was one of the founders of Odyssey Thera Inc., a privately held company that commercialized a proprietary fluorescent live cell-based assay and diagnostic imaging technology for the application in target validation and drug discovery.
Mike was the Director of New Technology at Roche Diagnostics (Roche acquired Boehringer Mannheim Corporation in May, 1997 for $11B). Prior to the acquisition by Roche he was Director of New Technology at Boehringer Mannheim Corporation (Boehringer Mannheim acquired Microgenics in June, 1992). He was also the Director of New Technology at Microgenics Corporation, in Concord, California. Mike was pioneer and lead scientist and inventor of the electrochemiluminescence (ECL) assay technology and also developed catalytic antibodies at IGEN, Inc. which was acquired by Roche for $1.4B in 2003. The ECL technology is the basis of Roche Diagnostics automated ‘in-vitro’ diagnostics immunoassay platform: ElecSys. Mike has held several other R & D senior management positions at Integrated Genetics Inc., Medisense and Celltech PLC, in the UK.
Mike has published many research papers in leading scientific journals and holds over 30 patents and patent-pending applications. Mike introduced a rapid real-time qPCR mutation analysis method in his article, Detection of the Hereditary Hemochromatosis Gene Mutation by Real-Time Fluorescence Polymerase Chain Reaction and Peptide Nucleic Acid Clamping. Analytical Biochemistry. Volume 260, Issue 2.1 July 1998, Pages 142–148.
He received his Ph.D. in medicinal organic chemistry from Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK and Ph.D. from University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.

Paul Okunieff, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Paul Okunieff, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Paul Okunieff is board-certified in therapeutic radiology and is among the pioneers of in-vivo nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of tumors. Dr. Okunieff moved to the University of Florida in 2009 from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, where he served as Philip Rubin Professor in radiation oncology and chair of the department of radiation oncology. Prior to his appointment in Rochester in 1998, Dr. Okunieff served as the branch chief of radiation oncology at the National Cancer Institute and as an assistant professor in radiation oncology at Harvard Medical School between 1988 and 1993. Dr. Okunieff earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School, where he also completed his postdoctoral fellowship in medicine and a fellowship in radiation medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. He earned bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering & computer science, and biological science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Okunieff serves as the radiation oncology chair for the Southwest Oncology Group, and a diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners where he serves on national committees overseeing the safety and quality of therapeutic radiation delivery.

Effie Ho, Ph.D., MBA
General Manager, Asia Pacific
Effie Ho, Ph.D., MBA

General Manager, Asia Pacific

Effie brought in more than 15 years industrial experience to the company including many years at J&J and Pfizer. Specialized in drug and medical device’s business development strategies and RA/Clinical Development execution in emerging healthcare markets horizontally (strategy planning, RA and Clinical planning, local partner, raising capital, execution clinical planning , regulatory approval and vertically (execution of clinical development in China, Taiwan, Korea, HK) with proven records from IP to products. Obtained M.B.A. from Penn state University, PA, USA; Postdoc at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, Obtained PhD from Rutgers University, NJ, USA.

Nitin Udar, Ph.D.
Sr. VP Diagnostics and Regulatory
Nitin Udar, Ph.D.

Sr. VP Diagnostics and Regulatory

Nitin Udar has more than 25 years experience in human genetics and bioinformatics focused on several areas of oncology, ophthalmology and mitochondria during his molecular genetics fellowship and academic career at the University of California Los Angeles and Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  He has published over 50 peer-reviewed scientific articles.  Along with his experience in automation (Beckman Coulter Inc.), Dr Udar has worked on product development and marketing for several IVD products.  His most recent accomplishment is to lead a team at Illumina that accomplished getting FDA approval for the Praxis Extended RAS Panel (Illumina, Inc.), a next-generation sequencing (NGS) test to detect certain genetic mutations in RAS genes in tumor samples of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). The test is used to aid in the identification of patients who may be eligible for treatment with panitumumab (VECTIBIX, Amgen, Inc.).  This is the first FDA-approved NGS test that can detect multiple RAS gene mutations for colorectal cancer in a single test.  Nitin has a commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of patients with genetic diseases.  In his current role, he oversees IVD business strategy including clinical development, quality and regulatory at Diacarta for regulatory submissions in the US, Europe and China.  Nitin has a commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of patients with genetic diseases and manage a successful business with IVD products.

Michael Sha, Ph.D.
VP of R&D
Michael Sha, Ph.D.

VP of R&D

Dr. Sha is a highly recognized R&D leader with more than 20 years’ experience in molecular diagnostics. His R&D at previous companies has provided extensive opportunities to work with NGS and its application in liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostic, fetal cell diagnostics for NIPT, metagenomics, in vitro diagnostics/ companion diagnostic and bio-nanotechnology. Dr. Sha worked as the R&D director to lead and develop functional screening of uncultivable bacteria through microfluidic chip PCR and NGS at GALT Inc. His focus, work ethic, and drive have led multiple teams to receive numerous awards, over $3 million for CTC/ctDNA NGS and cardiac biomarkers POC projects for the Intensity Innovation Program through three years continually during working at Thermo Fisher Inc. He also worked as a senior staff scientist to lead molecular biology team for developing Chip PCR for NGS and CMOS-based Sequencing System at Illumina Inc. At Roche Diagnostics, Dr. Sha focused to discover biomarkers for the rare fetal cell from the maternal blood circulation for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis. Dr. Sha was a postdoctoral in HPV E6-mediated p53 protein degradation research at the school of medicine, UCSF. He holds ten patents and has published over fifty papers.

Purvi Gaglani
Senior Manager of QA/RA
Purvi Gaglani

Senior Manager of QA/RA

Purvi Gaglani is a Regulatory and Product Development expert with more than 10 years of experience in medical development fed and drug development. Her proficiency lies in taking products from bench to regulatory submissions while working through every stage of a product life cycle. Purvi brings with her a great deal of industry experience that she gained working at Theranos and several large companies in India.
Her focus lies on implementing and maintaining QMS along with strategizing, evaluating and resolving regulatory challenges faced during feasibility, design optimization, and production issues.
Purvi holds a Masters degree in Biotechnology from Mumbai University, India and has a diploma in Biotech patent laws. She is a certified Regulatory expert and often consulted as an SME in the industry.

Medical Advisors

Anthony M. Magliocco, M.D.
Chair of Advisory Board
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Anthony M. Magliocco, M.D.

Chair of Advisory Board

Dr Anthony (Tony) Magliocco is a Senior Member and Chair, Department of Anatomic Pathology at Moffitt Cancer Center as well as Executive Director of Esoteric Laboratory Services and the Morsani Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, and Scientific Director of the Moffitt Tissue Core. He is Board Certified in anatomic pathology and completed a fellowship at the Fox Cancer Center and residency at the University of Calgary. Dr Magliocco has subspecialty expertise in breast, gynecological and molecular pathology and research interests in the areas of molecular predictive markers, digital analytical microscopy, and personalized medicine. He is also co-chair of pathology for the NRG cooperative clinical trials group, and was recently appointed to the NIH NCI Genitourinary Steering Committee.
Dr. Magliocco earned his M.D. at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He completed an Anatomical Pathology Residency at the University of Calgary in the Department of Pathology at Foothills Hospital and Fellowships in Anatomical Pathology at Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and College of American Pathologists FCAP Fellow. He completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Molecular Surgical Pathology at Fox Chase Cancer Center.
In 1998, he joined the faculty at the University of Calgary, where he most recently served as Division Head of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. He has also served as the Director of the Translational Laboratory at Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the Medical and Scientific Director of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF)/Alberta Cancer Research Institute (ACRI) Biorepository in Calgary.
Dr. Magliocco has published over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts and received numerous honors and awards including the Overall Academic Excellence Award at the University of Calgary; the Best Scientific Abstract Award at CARO; and the New Investigator Award from the Alberta Cancer Board. Dr. Magliocco has been continuously funded over the course of the past ten years through peer reviewed grants from the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) and the Alberta Cancer Board.
Dr. Magliocco’s clinical interest is in the development of novel molecular testing for integration into routine clinical service. His research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of cancer progression including the mechanisms of metastasis and development of resistance to therapeutics including the basis of radiotherapy resistance with a major focus on women’s cancers.

Sir Walter Bodmer FRCPath, FRS
Professor and Department Head Cancer & Immunogenetics Laboratory
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Sir Walter Bodmer FRCPath, FRS

Professor and Department Head Cancer & Immunogenetics Laboratory

Sir Walter Bodmer got his BA in mathematics (1956) and then his Ph.D. in population genetics (1959) under Sir Ronald Fisher at Cambridge University. He did his post- doctoral work in molecular biology under Dr Joshua Lederberg at Stanford and then was on the faculty of the Genetics Department in the Stanford University Medical School until 1970, ending up as a Full Professor. He returned to England in 1970 to become Professor of Genetics and head of a new department at Oxford University, and then in 1979 became Director of Research, and later Director General, of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. Since 1996 he has been head of the cancer and immunogenetics laboratory at the Weatherall Insitute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford University, and from 1996 to 2005 was also the Principal of Hertford College, Oxford.
Walter Bodmer became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1974, a Foreign Member of the US National Academy of Sciences in 1981 and was Knighted in 1986 for his contributions to science. In 2013 he was awarded a Royal Society Royal Medal for seminal contributions to population genetics, gene mapping and understanding of familial genetic disease. He is the recipient of more than 20 honorary degrees and is an Honorary Fellow or member of more than 15 medical and scientific societies and professional bodies. Walter Bodmer was amongst the earliest to suggest the human genome project and was the second President of HUGO, the Human Genome Organisation.
Sir Walter’s early research was in population genetics, especially the relationship between selection and linkage. He was one of the first to use computers for the simulation of population genetics models starting in 1957. On coming to Stanford he initiated work on the HLA system with Julia Bodmer and Rose Payne, leading to their discovery of what became the HLA -A locus, and also on somatic cell genetics using human-mouse hybrids. His laboratory described some of the first genetic linkages and chromosomal assignments using this technique, and, in collaboration with others, mapped the abl oncogene to chromosome 9, laying the foundations for the discovery of bcr/abl at the 9/22 translocation break point in CML.
Walter Bodmer, with Hugh McDevitt, provided the first explanation for the association of HLA determinants with disease in terms of linkage disequilibrium with functional variation in the HLA region, and then made the suggestion that, quite generally, association studies with genetic markers could be used to search for the genetic basis of multifactorial disease susceptibility. This has been the whole basis for the more recent development of whole genome association studies to discover the basis for genetic susceptibility to common diseases. His laboratory obtained the first monoclonal antibodies to HLA determinants, which have been widely used in immunological research. They were the first to clone the HLA ClassII genes and the first to map the FAP/APC gene to chromosome 5q, following which they have done many studies on mutations in the APC and other genes in colorectal cancer.
More recently, Sir Walter’s laboratory has focused its research on (the fundamental genetics and biology of colorectal cancer and their potential applications, and the characterization and population distribution of genetic diversity in the populations of the British Isles. The latter work has been supported by two successive Wellcome Trust grants and the samples collected are now being used in the WTCC2 studies. The current focus of this work is on establishing the genetic basis of a variety of normal traits, including especially facial features.
Walter Bodmer has also pioneered the hypothesis that rare variants underlie much of the inherited susceptibility to chronic diseases, using colorectal cancer as a model. His laboratory is now working with a panel of more than 100 well characterized colorectal cancer derived cell lines with a major interest in the identification and functional analysis of cancer stem cells using the colorectal cancer derived cell lines as a model, and in using enriched cancer stem cells for preclinical investigation of novel drug responses. Their research also includes studies on antibody dependent killing of colorectal cancer cells in vitro as a prelude to their clinical development for treatment of colorectal cancer and, in collaboration with the Danish Technical University, a microfluidics approach to the analysis of fresh tumor biopsies and rare circulating cancer cells in the blood.

Bernard Levin, M.D.
Vice-President and Head of the Division of Cancer Prevention
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Bernard Levin, M.D.

Vice-President and Head of the Division of Cancer Prevention

Bernard Levin, MD serves as Vice-President and Head of the Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Prof. Levin is a Professor of Medicine at the Department of Gastrointestinal Medicine and Nutrition and the Division of Internal Medicine at the University of Texas and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine Houston, Texas. Dr. Levin is a Tenured Professor of Gastroenterology and maintains a clinical practice at the Gastrointestinal Center at M. D. Anderson mostly confined to people with colorectal neoplasia. He serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of the National Institute and Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. Dr. Levin has played a key role in the development of clinical practice guidelines for the screening, prevention and diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Dr. Levin served as the Chair of the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable from 1998 to 2005. He was also the first recipient of the Betty B. Marcus Chair in Cancer Prevention, which was established to promote professional excellence in cancer prevention. He has published more than 250 articles and edited 10 books, the majority of his work focusing on colorectal cancer. Most recently, he served as the Lead Editor of a book entitled American Cancer Society’s Complete Guide to Colorectal Cancer published in December 2005. He has been the Chairman and a Member of Colorectal Cancer Clinical Advisory Board at GeneNews Limited since July 25, 2007. He serves as a Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of G.i. View Ltd. He completed a research fellowship in biochemistry and a clinical fellowship in gastroenterology at the University of Chicago and was a Member of its faculty until 1984. Prof. Levin holds a M.B.,B.Ch. degree (equivalent to M.D. in the U.S.) from the University of Witwatersrand Medical School, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Scientific Advisors

Frank McCormick, Ph.D.
Founder, Onyx
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Frank McCormick, Ph.D.

Founder, Onyx

Dr. McCormick is a molecular biologist and nationally recognized research scientist in cancer biology. He currently serves as director of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has been the David A. Wood Chair of Tumor Biology and Cancer Research in the department of microbiology and immunology at the University of California, San Francisco and an associate dean of the UCSF School of Medicine since 1997. He is also a member of the UCSF Biomedical Sciences Program and the Herbert Boyer Program in Biological Sciences. Since 1998, Prof. McCormick has served as director of the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Prof. McCormick is a distinguished cancer researcher focused on signal transduction pathways in cancer cells, and ways of treating cancer based on these pathways. He is an expert on tumor suppressor genes and the ras pathway.
Prof. McCormick founded Onyx Pharmaceuticals in 1992 and served as the Chief Scientific Officer from 1992 to 1996. He served as Vice President of Therapeutic Research at Chiron Corporation from 1991 to 1992. Prof. McCormick was a Vice President of Discovery Research at Cetus Oncology Corporation from 1981 to 1990, Director of Molecular Biology from 1981 to 1990, and Vice President of Research from 1990 to 1991. He served a variety of senior scientist positions at several biotechnology companies and hospitals, such as Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc., Exelixis Inc., the Jackson Laboratory, the National Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital, Lawrence where he has been the Senior Advisor of Research and Development since 2003.
Dr. McCormick served as the President of the Board of Director’s of American Association for Cancer Research and has served several vital roles on the scientific advisory boards of the following companies: NexGenix Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc., Aglaia Biomedical Ventures B.V., OncoCyte Corporation, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Inc., Jennerex Biotherapeutics, ORCA Therapeutics B.V., Aduro BioTech, Inc., Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Fluidigm Corporation, Iconix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Iconix Biosciences, Inc., Sagres Discovery, Inc., KineMatik Limited, BiPar Sciences, Inc., and Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
He is a Co-Founder of DNAtriX, Inc. and currently serves as its Director. Prof. McCormick has been a Director of Exelixis Inc. since July 31, 2003 and serves as a member of its Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. McCormick has served as the Director of American Association for Cancer Research since 2008.
In 2002 Prof. McCormick received the prestigious 42nd AACR G.H.A. Clowes Memorial Award for his seminal contribution to studies of the structure and function of oncogenes, which has led to a myriad of novel therapeutic approaches. Prof. McCormick has authored more than 260 scientific publications, edited five books, and holds 21 patents. He has received numerous awards in recognition of his contributions to the field of cancer research. Prof. McCormick serves on the Editorial Board of some of the most prestigious international cancer publications and serves as a board member or advisor to multiple cancer research organizations.
Prof. McCormick was a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Allen Smith at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, England, and with Professor Seymour S. Cohen at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Prof. McCormick received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, England in 1975 and his B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Birmingham, England in 1972.

Guo-Liang Yu, Ph.D.
Executive Chairman, Crown Bio Founder and CEO, Epitomics
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Guo-Liang Yu, Ph.D.

Executive Chairman, Crown Bio Founder and CEO, Epitomics

Dr. Yu is executive chairman of CrownBio and co-founded Epitomics Inc., an antibody based biotechnology company recently acquired by Abcam for $170 M. He served as Chairman, President and CEO of Epitomics Inc. for 10 years.
Dr. Yu’s success is driven by his scientific curiosity and a passion to translate scientific discovery to real products. His challenge is to balance his time between science and business, fun and work, family and community. He came from China to pursue advanced training after graduating from Fudan University in 1984. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley where he and Dr. Carol W. Greider discovered telomerase and its mechanism in Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn’s lab. Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Greider received Nobel Prize in 2009 for their discovery. Dr. Yu subsequently joined Dr. Frederick Ausubel’s lab at Harvard to pursue the question how plants defend themselves against pathogens without an immune system. He identified the first plant disease resistance gene. In 1993, when genomics was still in its infancy, Dr. Yu became one of the first Senior Scientists at Human Genome Sciences Inc., identifying human genes for drug discovery. Among the important drug targets he studied, BLys was the first successfully genomic target for the development of a lupus antibody drug, Benlysta, approved by FDA in 2010. In 1998, Dr. Yu began to identify plant genes with economic value for agriculture and bioenergy. He served as Senior Vice President of R&D at Mendel Biotechnology Inc., where his team analyzed the function of a complete set of plant transcription factors. Several valuable traits such as enhanced crop yield, disease resistance, and drought tolerance were identified.
Guo-Liang has co-authored 40 peer-reviewed and is a co-inventor of more than 200 patents. Guo-Liang is the founding president of the Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association and serves on the boards of several professional organizations including Bayhelix, CABS, National Foundation of Cancer Research, Ray Wu Memorial Foundation, the University of the Pacific in the US and China. Dr. Yu is generous in coaching young entrepreneurs and also serves on the board of directors for six start-up companies.

Mickey Urdea, Ph.D.
Board, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Diagnostic Forum
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Mickey Urdea, Ph.D.

Board, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Diagnostic Forum

Mickey is a world-renowned pioneer in personalized medicine. He led the development of world’s first HIV and HCV viral load tests while serving as the head of the Nucleic Acid Diagnostics business unit at Chiron. In 1998, he joined Bayer Diagnostics as Senior Vice President of Nucleic Acid Diagnostics and acting-Chief Scientific Officer of Bayer Diagnostics. Mickey left Bayer in 2000 and co-founded Tethys Bioscience in 2002, and has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Urdea received a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Washington State University and held an NIH postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF with William J. Rutter. He has published more than 185 articles and book chapters, and is an inventor of more than 100 issued and pending patents.

Dean Tsao, Ph.D.
Founder and Chairman, Genemed and PlexBio
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Dean Tsao, Ph.D.

Founder and Chairman, Genemed and PlexBio

Dr. Tsao has over 30 years of extended experience in the IVD industry. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Colorado. He is an accomplished scientist and successful entrepreneur with an excellent track record of launching and leading new companies to grow into successful businesses. The companies he has established have developed thousands of products that are currently being used in the diagnosis and research of cancer, HIV, Down syndrome, and numerous other medical conditions. The CISH test, one of the diagnostic products developed under the leadership of Dr. Tsao, targets the protein HER-2, which is an important indicator of breast cancer. Compared to the existing diagnostic method, the CISH test kit is significantly faster, more accurate, and more cost effective. The kit has been approved by the FDA for IVD use.


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 Series A Funding

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 Series B Funding

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 Series B Funding


Certifications & Awards

CIO Applications

Top 25 Life Sciences Technology Vendors 2018

The positioning is based on an evaluation of DiaCarta’s specialty in personalized diagnostics, translational genomics and clinical sample testing services provided in both US and China.

med-tech outlook 

Top 10 In-Vitro Diagnostic Technology Solution Providers 2018 

The positioning is based on an evaluation of DiaCarta’s specialty in genomic testing for biomarkers, personalized diagnostics and clinical sample testing service provided in their CLIA-certified lab.

CIO Bulletin

One of the 30 Fastest Growing Companies of 2018

The positioning is based on DiaCarta’s revenue growth, financial status, openness to innovation, global collaboration and partnership, flagship products launching, regulatory progress and ability to forecast future business and technology trends..

Certifications & Awards

CIO Applications

Top 25 Life Sciences Technology Vendors 2018

The positioning is based on an evaluation of DiaCarta’s specialty in personalized diagnostics, translational genomics and clinical sample testing services provided in both US and China.

med-tech outlook 

Top 10 In-Vitro Diagnostic Technology Solution Providers 2018 

The positioning is based on an evaluation of DiaCarta’s specialty in genomic testing for biomarkers, personalized diagnostics and clinical sample testing service provided in their CLIA-certified lab.

CIO Bulletin

One of the 30 Fastest Growing Companies of 2018

The positioning is based on DiaCarta’s revenue growth, financial status, openness to innovation, global collaboration and partnership, flagship products launching, regulatory progress and ability to forecast future business and technology trends..

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