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Leadership Teams from Sanpower Group and BVCF Visited DiaCarta Headquarters

by | May 16, 2016 | Blog

On a sunny day of May 10, 2016, executive teams from Sanpower Group/China Cord Blood Corporation and BVCF visited DiaCarta’s business headquarters and clinical services lab in Richmond California to learn more about the company’s business and clinical operations in the United States.

The representatives from Sanpower Group were led by Mr. Yuen Kam, Chairman of China Cord Blood Corporation (NY Stock Exchange CO). The BVCF team was led by Dr. Zhi Yang and Dr. Robert Li.

The visit was started by the tour of DiaCarta’s facility including its clinical services lab (the CLIA lab) where next-generation sequencing, quantitative PCR and other state-of-the-art genomic technologies are currently employed to develop advanced precision diagnostics products and services. The CLIA lab is also working diligently towards the GMP-level custom lentiviral CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) construction and CAR-T cell manufacturing as part of the company’s new platform in precision CAR-T immunotherapy.

Following the tour, the executive teams attended the presentations led by Dr. Aiguo Zhang, Founder, President and CEO of DiaCarta and Dr. John Wu, the CEO of ProMab, DiaCarta’s partner in the precision immunotherapy platform. The visit was concluded after a stimulating discussion between the teams and other participants from DiaCarta, including Dr. Paul Okunieff (Co-Founder), Dr. Mike Powell (Chief Scientific Officer) and Dr. Mingyi Chen (Medical Director).

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About BVCF

Formally known as BioVeda China Fund, BVCF is a growth capital focused private equity fund specializing in China Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. The fund was the first US dollar fund that focused on life sciences and healthcare in China.  Headquartered in Shanghai, BVCF primarily focuses on equity investments in growth-stage companies in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Devices, Healthcare Services, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology.  In the past decade, BVCF invested in nearly 30 companies, has US$400 million under management; and offered co-investment opportunities with a combined value of over US$600 million. Its investments span across China and the U.S., covering a wide spectrum of highly promising subfields including healthcare services, innovative biologics, in-vitro diagnostics (molecular diagnostics), high value medical equipments and consumables, and medical big data and mobile medicine.

About Sanpower Group

Sanpower Group is a multi-national conglomerate whose core business engagements are within the technology and modern service industries. The Group offers a singular global platform for its five primary subsidiary investment sector-groups (Finance & Investment, Retail & Trading, Information Services, Medical & Health Care, and Real Estate) and owns a diverse portfolio of listed companies including Hiteker (600122.SH), Nanjing Cenbest (600682.SH), IDT International (0167.HK), Mecox Lane (NASDAQ:MCOX) and Jinpeng Yuankang (New Three Board 430606) as well as key privately held global enterprises such as Hisap, Funtalk Telecommunications, Hirealty, Guangzhou Jinpeng, China Newsweek, Lashou.com, Cnshangquan, House of Fraser (UK), Brookstone (US), and Natali (Israel). With both total assets and annual gross sales in excess of RMB 100 billion as well as controlling stakes in more than 100 subsidiaries, the Group is on the list of “China’s Top 500 Enterprises” for twelfth consecutive years (160th) and ranks 21st in “China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises” and 9th in “China’s Top 100 Private Service Enterprises” by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC).

Lead Source

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