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Extraordinary structural stability with greater affinity, specificity and stringency

Xenonucleic Acid (XNA) Molecular Clamp Technology

DiaCarta scientists have developed innovative new nucleic acid molecular oligomers that hybridize by Watson-Crick base pairing to target DNA sequences yet have a modified chemical backbone. The xenonucleic acid oligomers (figure: Watson-Crick Base Pairing of DNA with cognate XNA) are highly effective at hybridizing to target sequences and can be employed as molecular clamps in quantitative real-time polymerase chain reactions (PCR) or as highly specific molecular probes for detection of nucleic acid target sequences.


  • Molecular clamps for qPCR
  • Synthetic oligomers containing natural A, T,C, G or modified nucleosides (15 to 25 nt long)
  • Hydrophilic and neutral backbone (no phosphate group like PNA)
  • Hybridization by Watson-Crick pairing
  • Resistant to any known nucleases
  • Much higher binding affinity
  • DNA binding is independent of salt concentration
  • Large melting temperature differential (ΔTm = 15-20ºC) in single-nucleotide (SNP’s) and insertion/deletions (indels) (5-7ºC for natural DNA)

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